Story Machine Productions recreates in live events the immersive and creative experience of reading a great book. Our sell-out shows have featured work by authors from Katherine Mansfield to Claudia Rankine, Haruki Murakmi to Etgar Keret. We have collaborated with dancers, sound-engineers, actors and visual artists, and have staged performances in medieval merchant halls, festival marquees, and an abandoned shoe factory.

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Always starting from the book, Story Machine Productions works with publishers and authors to develop and tour live events that do justice to quality writing.

Producer Sam Ruddock preparing the debut show

Producer Sam Ruddock preparing the debut show in 2016. Photo by Neeley Drown

Story Machine Productions is led by Sam Ruddock, a literature producer and publisher who has a decade of experience curating book festivals, working with readers, and running international literature exchanges.

The first Story Machine was created for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival in 2016, before being founded as a production company in 2017.

We are always looking to work with new writers, artists and festivals. Work with us!